Tuesday, 19 June 2012

March Against Murders in South Africa

Today 19 June 2012 another chapter another was entered into the history books of South Africa.

More than 2000 people joined the march led by some 30 of South Africa's top Celebrities. At the forefront of the march were people like Steve Hofmeyr, Bobby van Jaarsveld, Karlien van Jaarsveld, Emo Adams, Gerrie Pretorius, Corlea Botha and many others (See a more comprehensive list HERE), while Afriforum was very visible with their posters.

Steve Hofmeyr sent a strong message to the world "Your Nightmare is our Reality!", which should serve as a warning to the world that our reality could also become theirs.

If the world does not take serious note and take action, the atrocities committed in South Africa since the ANC took control in 1994 could also spill over to other countries.

Every country in the world that supported the ANC and pressurised South Africa to capitulate power to the ANC has a responsibility to ensure the safety of the citisens of South Africa.

YOU put the ANC in power, therefore the safety of our people is also YOUR responsibility!

The blood of every person murdered in South Africa since 1994 is on the hands of every person, organisation, movement and country that supported over the decades and helped the ANC to take control of this country.

More photographs and a summary of the memorandum (in Afrikaanspresented to the ANC Government is available HERE 

Here are a few photographs of the march taken with my cell-phone and reduced to 30% of the original size.

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