Saturday, 2 June 2012

South Africa is Heading for Revolution

The following article is a direct translation the original Afrikaans article entitled "Suid-Afrika Stuur op Revolusie af"

By Stefaans
2012-06-01 07:15

More and more economists and political analysts believe that South Africa is heading for a revolution, similar to those that occurred in North Africa.

Since 1974, with the start of the boycotts to import or purchase weapons from its Western partners, South Africa progressed from a weapons importer the third largest weapons exported in the world.

Moeletsi Mbeki, political economist and brother of former president Thabo Mbeki, said on Thursday evening (May 24, 2012) in a public lecture at the University of the Witwatersrand that South Africa, under the control of the ANC, should never have destroyed the infrastructure created by the Afrikaner nationalists. He also said this neglect of infrastructure is the reason the country is being driven into the abyss.

"South Africa was one of the world leaders in animal medicine. What did the ANC do? Today we import these medicines.

"The current government spent more than R40 billion on thousands of hectares of commercial farms, but virtually none being farmed."

Mbeki says that, over the past 20 years under the ANC, South Africa degenerated into a consumer nation, as opposed to the economic productivity under Afrikaner nationalists.

"Accordingly, the budget for social grants is growing ever larger, while South Africa has deindustrialised."

I recently tried to buy two-tone hunting shirts from a well-known clothing store where I used to buy my shirts. The man said that most of the clothing factories in South Africa had already closed down and only two of the many factories that used to manufacture these shirts are still in operation.

"Life will become unaffordable and will lead to revolutions similar to those in North Africa."

We must remember that poverty, and illiteracy, are powerful driving forces for any revolution.

- Nuus24

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