Wednesday, 6 June 2012

White Afrikaner Woman Assaulted And Denied The Chance To Say Farewell To Her Dying Father

The following a loose translation from the original Afrikaans article in Beeld : ‘Ek kon my pa nie groet nie

'I could not greet my dad'
Nicolize van der Walt
2012-06-05 22:57

Hesta Kotze, a typist in Klerksdorp, was called to the hospital in Potchefstroom as her father was dying. She travelled along the N12. Near the entrance to "Ikageng" (Presumably the new "Africa name" for Potchefstroom, but who knows) a traffic official jumped in front of her.

She indicated that she had an emergency and that she needed his assistance, and drove on.

A chase followed and when she stopped at the hospital, she was manhandled by the black traffic official, Pape Hadebe. She tried to explain that she needed to get to her father, but he told her "SHUT UP BITCH!!" She pleaded with him and when she resisted him handcuffing her, he sprayed her with pepper spray.

She was thrown on the ground, and he pushed her down with his elbow high on her neck, and his knees on her back. She was then handcuffed.

Shocked bystanders were threatened with pepper spray and told that she was driving at 240km/h. An eyewitness said that it is totally impossible since her pickup truck would never be able to travel at that speed.

Bystanders, hospital personnel and even a minister of the church pleaded with him to allow her to see her father.

By the time that she was taken to her father, he has already died.

She was taken to the Police Station where she was released on bail.

All charges were withdrawn against her in the Potchefstroom magistrates Court.

Ms Kotze is bitter about it since she was denied the chance to greet her Father and also to stand by her Mother in her time of need.

She intends launching a civil case against the traffic official.

Note by ToxiNews: When it is pointed out that this is not uncommon treatment at the hand of black SA traffic officials, one is accused of "hate speech"

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