Thursday, 7 June 2012

"Mommy help me!!" Then they shot her.....

The following was translated from the Afrikaans article that appeared in Beeld "Help my" - Toe skiet hul"

2012-06-06 22:24
Hanti Otto

The night before last night Arina Muller (29) from the Mnandi agricultural holdings, came home from the gym, just after 21h00. It is suspected the two attackers - known in the area as Laurel and Hardy, slipped in through the gate behind her.

Her mother Kitty was first to respond when she screamed for help. Shots were fired, and Arina was hit in the chest. The attackers fled the scene WITHOUT TAKING ANYTHING - except her life.

Her parents tried to load her in the vehicle, but they could not lift her. her father had a knee-replacement operation and his achilles tenon was torn during an attack on them in January.

They called the Mnandi Farmwatch and the police, but Arina died.

The sad part is that the Police will register this as "normal crime" and not a farm murder, since they do not see Agricultural holdings as part of the agricultural setup.

This was no "robbery" since they have not ried to steal anything. They came to murder, and to terrorize.

But the Democratic Alliance says we are not allowed to refer to them as black murderers. The church minister from Delmas says we must love this scum and "not judge them"

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  1. It is so sad that I have to read these articles about my close friend being killed.... She was an awesome person and the biggest and best Christian I knew.... She was non judgmental on anyone.

    Pity that her death now has to be used as an example of underlying racism. Why the term "black murderers? I do not understand this...