Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Son (10) sees how 2 shoot his SA Police-dad

The following article was translated from the original Afrikaans published in Beeld : "Seun (10) sien hoe 2 sy polisie-pa skiet"

2012-06-05 22:57
Hilda Fourie

Sergeant Bruwer Smit, one of Pretoria's best policeman - in the words of Brigadier André Wiese - was shot and killed..... in front of his 10 year old son, Jean-dre.

Sergeant Smit and his son were riding with their mountain bikes in the field near the Zandfontein Cemetry, West of Pretoria, when they were attacked by two blacks. Jean-dre was tied up with his shoe laces before the attackers shot sergeant Smit in the neck. They left with the mountain bikes and Sergeant Smit's shoes - which they took off his body.

Jean-dre managed to break the shoelaces on a rock and ran to the nearby highway, where a passer-by picked him up and took him to the Hercules Police Station.

Members of the Police and Community Policing Forum searched the bushes but could not find the attackers.

The newspaper Beeld was informed that the attackers actually robbed another person of his wallet and cellphone on the same highway, while still in possession of the mountain bikes.

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