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South Africans Fighting Past Wars While Dying In The Present

I find it extremely difficult adapting to the constant past-life-regression of South Africans. If there is one thing that tees me off to no end it is this constant living and reliving of the past.

Its one thing knowing history, understanding history, but living life, as if one is living there now?

I am not fighting the British, I am not fighting the Zulus, I am not fighting the Xhosas in a 10th Border war, I am not struggling across mountains on my Great Trek to the north.

Frankly I don't give a damn for it right now. It is interesting and it has always been interesting, but it is not where were now and it is not what we are facing now and even if the Boers were here now they would have been completely screwed-over, simply because what they were faced with then is not what we are being faced with today.

Putting yourself back in their shoes it was as bad for them then as it is for us in the situation we're being faced with today, but quite frankly I cannot fight their fight for them, they had their chance.

Its like the Afrikaners moaning to this day about the dying of the Afrikaans language, what nonsense. I've been hearing that crap forever, since I can remember from the first damn day I entered school decades and decades ago and still we are crying about it, while it is still growing, while there is still more Afrikaans music selling in this country than ever before.

The death of Afrikaans seems to be a wish among Afrikaners, because it is as if they want it to die so they could tell everyone it had died, just like they've been warning for the past hundred years.

It seems they still do not get it, they still have not done the maths about it.

The only people I have ever seen killing Afrikaans were Afrikaners themselves with the way they have been screwing around with it. There is more English in Afrikaans today than ever before, THANKS TO AFRIKANERS! doing it to Afrikaans.

If we keep saying Afrikaans is dying, Afrikaans will die, Afrikaans is being killed, it may just be realised for us, seeing as we are envisaging it as if it has already happened.

It is not the language dying it is the nation dying. It is the liberalisation of the white Afrikaner that is a much greater threat to the future survival of the Boer/Afrikaner nation than anything else.

There is more division being caused with this stupid argument about whether we are Afrikaners or Boers or white South Africans than any other damn reason.

As things stand now, and it has probably been this way since the beginning, both Afrikaner and Boer is nothing more than a title that some group or some individuals can choose to award themselves or take away from others.

You could be a full-blooded Boer in every sense of the word, but boy just move across to the wrong church and you would be stripped of your Boer title faster than you could ever imagine.

Then we also have the same thing going among the white Afrikaner snobs, say one wrong word, or dare to use the feared "K"-word and you will be stripped of your Afrikaner title on the spot, they would even take away all your awards and kick you out of their Afrikaner Broederbond kerk.

In the meantime, while all of this nonsense is going on and on and on we are being faced by hell falling on our heads.

There is no such thing as unity. There has never been unity anywhere, but that is another discussion for another time, so watch this space, but in short - Unity only ever exists among those that are already unified... think about it, because we already have more unity than we realise and more than we shall ever obtain or need.

I can still hear my grand-mother crying about my grand-father's 12 brothers and sister that died in the concentration camps and even to this day my own mother is still bitching and moaning about the atrocities committed by her forefathers against the Boers and every-time she starts with it I have to remind her that it ended way-back in 1902, and while she's crying about it I am fearing for the lives of my wife, my children, my family and my friends ..... RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW!

Who the hell cares about the Boers who died more than a hundred years ago. Yes it happened and we all know it happened and we need to know about it, but that does not mean we should be living it, we are not pity-seeking fellow-continentals still crying about colonialism and Apartheid years after it all ended, we get through it and we move on. One should not need to get over something one was not part of and none of us were part of the Anglo-Boer wars.

There are people who specialise in history. Some are experts on the Anglo-Boer war, others are experts on the Border wars. Prinsloo wrote volumes on the border wars, those books are part of Afrikana today and I am lucky to own the whole set. Cuan Elgin (Author of "Bulala: A True story of South Africa" or see - Amazon.com) is one of those specialists on our history. Those people do the research for us to study and to set the record straight.

People like ‎Cuan Elgin (Listen to the interview with Cuan) have done the most amazing work and vast amounts of research and if we did not bring that information to the attention of the Brits of today, they would not know about it. Bringing it to their attention touches them and it changes their persception of themselves, their background and it may change the way they think in future. To ourselves it establishes a mindset of never ever wanting to allow any nation to do that to us ever again. It may even drive us to seek our autonomy as much as possible. The value of researching history objectively must never be underestimated, but one needs to dissociate oneself in terms of time and situation.

The problem I have is this;
History teaches us what happened, the intention is not for us to time-travel and fight those wars and live those times. We study it to learn from it so as to not make the same mistakes again. As an example, people read books written decades ago such as "The New Unhappy Lords", etc. Those books were written in that era, because it was applicable to that era. People who now read those books, 40 years later, read it as if it is something new, only because it it new knowledge to them and they then react and respond to it as if it is happening now. The same goes for the Anglo-Boer wars. One cannot read about it now, now 100 later, and curse all English speaking people to hell for what they "are" doing to us, because they are NOT doing it to us now, their very distant forefathers did it to ours, way back then, NOT NOW.

Suddenly people are now wanting to rekindle / regenerate the hatred between the English and the Afrikaner and alienate them. This is the same way the blacks handle it also. A black man hears that the Boers shot his people at a river 200 years ago and he now hates us for it, he now wants to take revenge for what we the Boers did to them, but did WE who are living NOW do it?

The Africans are still fighting their damn tribal wars of 50,000 ago, but they also believe in the tokolosh don't they?

Buddha said "I never see what has been done, I only see what remains to be done" and even he was wrong in that statement, because one DOES need to see what HAS been done, so that one can learn from it and move on, knowing how NOT to do it NEXT TIME.

Had we not known our history we would not have known what the Boers did not do, that they should have done when they had the opportunity to do it.

What we learn from history is what we bring along with us to this present time we are living in right now, to use it to our advantage, but we do not fight their damn fights for them, we cannot do time-travel, it works in movies only.

The Boers were faced with extinction and they made it to the other side, and we are now being faced with extinction, and if we keep on fighting the concentration camps of the Boers we shall certainly go extinct. We had better start living in the here and the now and fight to avoid the concentration camps lying ahead of us, right now.

Let the ghosts of the Boers go home in peace and rest as they should.

Do not let the Boer ghosts interfere in our current battle, because they would lose this battle for us, this is a completely different battle to any of the battles they had fought.

Time is running out and we do not have the luxury of time to fight the battles of the dead.

Frankly I do not give a damn whether you are allowed to call yourself a Boer or an Afrikaner, whether you are fortunate enough to have been awarded the title of either Afrikaner or Boer, all I know is that I am being confronted with the battle of my life and possibly the greatest battle this nation has ever faced and ever will face in the history of this once great country.

So if you're a Boer, I am really, truly and honestly happy for you.

If you are an Afrikaner, three cheers to the Broederbond for having awarded you with such great honour, but now please can we get back to our own damn war.

If you lost any relatives in the concentration camps like I have, my condolences, my heart bleeds for you and I really, truly and honestly feel for you.

I have been hearing the sad stories of my grand-father's 12 brothers and sisters that died there and I have researched all of them, because I felt the need to know where I come from, and I've even visited their graves, those we could find. I have been searching for the grave of my great-grand-father for years and I shall continue searching for it, because I have his names, but that is something I do in my free and spare time, when I have the luxury of it. It is not the only thing my life revolves about.

But I want to share a secret with you.....

This ruthless terrorist regime does not give a damn for my great-grand-father or my relatives that died there, they do not care whether I'm a Boer, an Afrikaner or a half-breed. All they care about is my house, my cars, my income and their own personal hatred for me. All they want is to see me out of this country, because to them we are a major obstacle to their freedom to steal, rape, murder and maim.

They do not give a damn for Afrikaans, whether Afrikaans is dying or not. They don't give a damn about rugby, or the Springbok emblem, quite frankly all they see is the colour of your skin and to them your skin is so light, bright and shiny it is blinding them.

I also have another surprise for you.....

Shocking as it may be, in South Africa.....

The dam-walls are cracking up,
ESKOM is collapsing,
WW3 is about to start,
Our roads have deteriorated beyond repair,
We are paying around R12 per litre for fuel,
The SA economy is collapsing,
SA is on the brink of civil war,
Whites are no longer ruling the country,
The NP no longer exists,
All because, while you were away fighting the Anglo-Boer war and trying to find yourself among either the Afrikaners or the Boers, time did not stand still and we have reached the year 2012.

Nou is ek lekker op 'n rol en goed opgewerk en ek moet soms seker leer om my bek the hou, maar as ek kyk wat om my aan die gang is en wat aan die gebeur is, die bedreiging van hiedie blanke volk in hierdie land, hoe die blankes nou oor hul voete val om die land te verlaat, omdat die pa's en ma's en kinders met stringe kwalifikasies nie kan werk kry nie, omdat hulle dit nie mag kry nie, hoe die aantal blanke plakkerskampe groei en vergroot by die dag, hoe die mense gemartel, vermoor en verkrag word, hoe die blankes openlik gekoggel en gedryg word, dan kan ek myself nie meer besig hou met die dinge van die verlede nie. Ek is my hele lewe lank in politiek, want ek het in 'n ernstig-politiese huis grootgeword, maar ek kan myself nie eers meer bekommer oor PW Botha of FW de Klerk se gebabbel nie, want niks wat hy of daardie dooies gedoen het kan enigiets verander aan die situasie waarin ons mense hul VANDAG bevind nie. Inteendeel ek gee nie eers om of Mandela nog lewe of al dood is nie, want dit maak nie saak nie, al wat saak maak is wat gaan gebeur wanneer dit aangekondig word dat hy toe wel uiteindelik dood is.

Die grootste bekommernis is die onmiddelike tot in die nabye en verre toekoms in, dit is al wat saakmaak.

Die wereldpolitiek wat ek geleer het in die 1970's, 80's en 90's geld nie eers meer vandag nie, want selfs daardie reels geld nie meer vandag nie. Hier is ons in 'n Afrikapolitiek vasgevang en hulle poltiek is nie ons politiek nie. Hulle gevegte ondermekaar is besig om ons geveg te word, want ons is vasgevang in die middel van hulle siek stamgevegte.

Everyday I sit and I think. I think while I'm alone, while I'm driving, while I'm eating, while I'm working. I plan, I strategise, I contemplate and I consider our various possible options in the hope that we'll find some way through this, a way that WILL work.

"Accept responsibility for your life. Know that it is you who will get you where you want to go, no one else." - Les Brown

We have to realise that we stand alone, alone on a tiny dingy in the middle of a vast, very angry ocean and the tide is turning against us.

We do not have the luxury of time to consider how we got to where we are, why we got into the dingy in the first place, who gave us the dingy or what the motives behind it were. All we know is that we are on this dingy right now and the tide is turning and if we do not do the right thing we shall certainly sink, go down and drown.

We are inexperienced and there is no one to help us, no one to ask for help and no one that could or would tell us what to do, we have to do it ourselves, we need to watch the waves, count them as they pass by us, check the height, check the effect of the wind and make the right choice, because we shall only have one single chance, only one single opportunity. We dare not lose our attention or our focus and we cannot blame it on anyone else, for if we make the wrong choice we won't be there to blame anyone. The time is now.

Now while we have to know how we came to be in this situation, it will help us little to nothing trying to reverse it now. I also make a point of trying to set the record straight regarding our history and our recent past, but that is something completely different.

While we are educating people about history, about so-called Apartheid, we still need to find solutions for the here and the now and living our past will not help us now. The politics of today is not the politics of the past, we are dealing with black SA politics, we are dealing with Africa politics and international 3rd world black politics, we are dealing with gangster revolutionary rebel politics.

Nothing we know about the concentration camps would help us now.

Because white South Africans have not kept up with time they are dreaming dreams that will never come to be realised, simply because western politics does not apply to Africa.

Africa is on a role and whites do not feature in their future anywhere in Africa, in any way, in any form whatsoever.

So we could continue fighting the Brits and the Jews, those that left this country in the 1990's already, those who withdrew economically almost 100%, and yes it is true that they screwed us into this, but the fact remains that we are faced with having to deal with what they left us, this very situation they caused us, but we have to face what we have now, not what we had before.

It is of little value fighting the ghosts of the past, because we are now dealing with blind deaf liberals working against us, because they are ignorant and immoral, we are now confronted with the liberal church working against us, because they NOW are sucking up to the regime and using religion against our people. We are faced with media that does not support us, that does not report as they should and it is happening NOW.

Right NOW we are doing the work that should be done by the media and the church. We are dealing with a liberal opposition party that looks just like the leading party and turning their back on us, while trying to gather the black support and its happening right NOW. We are dealing with white right-wing movements and parties with directions that could have worked with a western ruling party like the NP, but not NOW, because it seems the right-wing movements have not yet realised what it really means to live in Africa. These things are happening NOW.

Is there any difference between fighting the Anglo-Boer wars of more than a hundred years ago and fighting the current wars of the Jews and the Arabs, the Americans and the Iraqi's? Would the American Government, the Jews, the Arabs or Iraq come help us with our battle? No they won't, so let them fight their own fights, because we are fighting for our very survival. We are not living there and quite frankly I don't give a damn. All that matters is how it impacts upon us, if it does.

We are dealing with a younger generation who sympathise with Mandela for apparently having "wrongfully" spent 27 years in prison, a younger generation that spits on our generation for the so-called "wrongs" we supposedly committed against blacks, we have generations of young whites who blame us and accuse us for what is happening to them in this country today.

We have whites, both here and abroad, blaming and insulting us for the situation in this country, because according to them we brought this upon us as well as upon them. We are faced with war without our younger generations backing us in any way whatsoever.

In the meantime we have the Boers against the Afrikaners, the Dutch Reformed against the charismatic churches, we have the Afrikaans speaking against the English speaking whites.

At a time like this we see the hatred being stirred among English and Afrikaans due to the Anglo-Boer wars, which happened more than 100 years ago.

How much more division do we need. Is it not enough that we are having to guard against the treachery of the despicable white liberal sewerage scum? Is it not enough that we are having to constantly defend ourselves against the immoral liberals, the liberal churches, the liberal media and the anti-white coloureds, anti-white blacks and other anti-white races in this country? Is it not enough that we are having to face the wrath of the rest of the world who hate us with a passion?

We are battling against a strategy worded so well by Barack Obama : "If you can't run on your records, you paint the other guy as someone to run from." This is EXACTLY what the ANC with the help of everyone available in world have been doing to white South Africans. They do not and never had any record to build upon, s what they did was to paint us into something everyone should run from. A perfect strategy directly in accordance with Nelson Mandela's communist directive : “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” and no one had ever in the history of the world utilised this better than the ANC with the help of their financiers, their advisers and immoral liberal supporters under the direct guidance of Mandela himself. They educated the world in accordance with their sick vision for this country.

Thanks to this highly effective strategy the SA white is today perceived as something to hate and avoid at all costs. The world ran away from us, our own people ran away from us, we are on our own.

Do we not have enough fights on our hands that we are seeking to fight the fights of other nations and the fights of the ghosts of the past?

I am seeing our younger generations drifting away from us, we are living worlds apart from the younger generations, while we are heading for the battle of our lives.

When I look at how things are panning out we may just be faced, not by blacks wanting to get rid of us, but by whites standing behind those blacks, urging them on and assisting and advising them, our own younger generations. Do we really need to cause even more divide due to titles and wars gone by?

One important thing about history that my father taught me is that one should never focus on what happened, but rather on the consequences thereof. Knowing when and how Jan v Riebeeck landed in the Cape is interested, but the consequences of him having landed there is what really matters. It is not what de Klerk and others did and how they did it, because that we cannot change, but the consequences of what they did is what really matters. And we are having to deal with those consequences - RIGHT NOW!

It is therefore one thing looking at what the media and the SA churches and liberals have done, are doing or are not doing now, but it is a completely different matter what the consequences thereof would be. In the movie "Next" Nicolas Cage said "Every time you look at the future, it is different, because you looked at it." Everything we now do will have an impact on the future. Everything we do differently will change the future. We should learn what happened in the past and consider the consequences thereof, rather than fight those battles as if its happening now, hoping things could have been different.


Input from a few friends

"Die ANC is lankal subtiel besig met 'n sagte revolusie op die blanke. Net sommiges is te blind om dit raak te sien.
As ons mooi kyk hoe hulle te werk gaan sal jy dalk met my saaam stem.
Na 1994 is die wette subtiel verander en ek raak net 'n paar daarvan nl.regstellende aksie, BEE, ontbinding van kommando stelsel, nuwe wapen lisensies, belasting op plase, Eskom pryse, brandstofpryse, plaasmoorde, korrupsie, bedrog, nasionaalisering, ontkenning van ons taal, kultuur en geloof, oopstelling van Afrikaanse skole/universiteite, groei in populasie aanwas(+- 800 000 p.j) om miljoene te "kweek" in getalle wat ons nog minder stem gee ens.ens.
Hierdie is alles om ons as blankes te ontmoedig, moedeloos te maak, vrees in boesem, ens. Vrywillige emmigrasie is dus 'n pluspunt vir die ANC. Die einddoel, maklike oorname van blanke grondeienaars, besighede, koooperatiewe maaskappye ens. Ons word daagliks getoets deur die ANC (Alliance National Corruption) en hoe ons daarop reageer. Indien min weerstand, hoe makliker tot die volgende stap.
Dus, inagenome alles wat die ANC nog wil vermag, staan ons geen kans meer nie...dit is 'n realiteit. Geen beste ekonoom kan my toekoms waarborg nie in die volgend 100 jaar nie!
Westerse ideologie waarvan ons almal deel is en mee saamstem kan en sal nooit onder een sambreel met Afrika ideologie werk nie. Verskille is te wyd !!!!"


"Well said. I find that one of the main problems arising from the above is that it divides the White Nation. English-speakers are fed up of being vilified for what some Illuminati freemasons did 110 years ago. Remember your history and honour it - but move on ..."


"By the mere fact that we are discussing, analysing, planning, strategising, encouraging, networking.....this is the start of greater and better things to come! This is where we are now, we all know where we want to be, now it's merely working out how to get there, and in fact, the journey has already begun..."
Exact-ally! This connection of like minds is the best thing!
We work together, we talk to each other, we take this to the next level and we build a new foundation for the future. But, it will take more than just messages and back slapping. We have to start REALLY working for our future worldwide."


"Once again, what you have written here is in dire need of being said. It seems to me that the Afrikaner suffers from the same illness that most other people suffer from and it is the need to be the victim. I watch some of the posts on discussion forums all over the net and whenever a young right wing Boer posts, it seems to me that he is just loving being able to talk about how victimised he is. It's almost as if there is joy in the fact that some sort of religious prophecy is being fulfilled and it therefore makes them very special. There are very few such as yourself who are prepared to think outside that very tiny little right wing box and accept where we are and who we are right now. History is life teaching by examples and it will continue to repeat itself until we get it. Our experience of life will only change once we find the balls to change ourselves and stop clinging to old and outdated identities and belief systems. But it is the tragedy of the human condition that we would rather be right about something than actually survive and succeed."


Die volgende het niks met die bogenoemde temake nie, maar ek voel net dat ek dit hier moet byvoeg.

Nuutste Suid-Afrika-kommentaar

Harry sê ..... @Legens: "ek sien net een hier wat die geskiedenis wil verdraai, die waarheid is wat die waarheid is, en jy praat hom nie. Jy praat van grond terug vat, dit is nie net vir vat nie, die mense wat nou op daardie grond bly en werk het wetteglik daarvoor betaal, en het die papierwerk om dit te bewys, bring eers jou papierwerk wat wys waar hulle dit gesteel het dan praat ons weer!!! Mense soos jy wat weier om die groter prentjie te sien en dit te aanvaar, is die wat die ondergang van hierdie land gaan veroorsaak, vir almal. Jy gaan met jou kamtige vryheid in jou gatsak sit en vrek van die honger. En wanneer die hongerpyne kom, gaan jy nie meer 'n vlenter voel oor wie waar is nie, net oor waar jy jou volgende bord kos vandaan gaan kry. Jy is grootbek nou want jy het 'n dak oor jou kop en pap in jou bord, maar jou siening verander vinnig as jy vir dae nie geeet het nie. Ek het dit al gesê en sê dit nou vir die laaste keer vir jou. Gister gaan nie môre kos in jou bord sit nie, wakker skrik voordat dit te laat is!!!!!!"

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