Tuesday, 15 May 2012

A comparison of food prices across some key emerging markets.

Why do South Africans pay so much more?

Firstly our population growth is more than the growth in food production, so it is basic supply and demand economics.

Labour cost & failed land reform are major contributing factors. Add to that the millions of illegal immigrants residing in the country, farm murders that often result in farms becoming unproductive (and unfortunately the opposition parties have not been vocal enough in proposing ideas regarding farm safety) and a failed land reform programme, that is supported by the DA, and we have recipe for disaster.

Food security is the foundation of every nation, yet political parties do not take the issue of food security seriously. 95% of all farms acquired by state are no longer producing effectively.

We get 40% of our fuel from SASOL coal to fuel, but are penalised monthly for the international oil price fluctuations.

Our labour costs are outrageous...until and unless we become a manufacturing nation (and why would we with local labour laws) we will always have high unemployment.

Something has to give.....


  1. The underlying concept is amazing and perfect note talking on food price! Recommendation Letters

  2. Time to revisit this ones stats ;-)