Tuesday, 22 May 2012

The Misdirected Spear

I think I quickly need to explain something about Brett Murray's 1.85m-high painting titled 'The Spear' wherein Jacob Zuma's private parts are exposed in full glory outside his trousers.

When Piet Retief entered the Dingaan's kraal he was told to sit right across from Dingaan. 
Dingaan sat with his legs wide open, exposing his private parts to Retief. Had Retief known better he would have realised right there and then that it was a trap, or at least a dangerous situation.
In Zulu culture, when a Zulu exposes his private parts to your face it is the worst of the worst, the ultimate sign of disrespect imaginable.
This kind of disrespect is only expressed in the most critical and most dangerous, most determined of situations. It is a point of no-return, the end of the line, the final message. It is a message that you are about to be killed, it is a declaration of war. 
Now the thing is this:
  • If, as suggested by someone, "it was in fact a "commissioned directive" from deep within ANC top structure to instigate racial hate against whites", we are in for the ride of our lives, because it could be a clear message to us whities; or
  • if it was done from within the ANC to degrade Zuma and show him how disgusted those around him are with him, it would be a sign that they are challenging him, showing him that they are calling the shots from within and that his power-base has been infiltrated and no longer under his control. It would be an internal declaration of war against Zuma, that he is about to be killed, either now or politically at Mangaung; or
  • it could also have been deliberately commissioned to create the impression that whites are openly showing their disrespect for him, that this is a message from whites to Zuma, something that would certainly not be taken lightly, not by Zuma and not by blacks in general. To Zuma it would be read as a message that whites have deliberately insulted him to the highest degree imaginable; and
  • even if it was done innocently (which I cannot believe, because no one does a painting like that of any president innocently), the message remains the same, the show of utter disrespect, the message of challenge remains the same, the declaration of war and the threat of the intention to kill remains the same.
Either way we are screwed and this is nothing to joke about, not even in the slightest. If this was a message from whites to Zuma and the blacks and the ANC, this means war and this is the kind of insult that would be carried over from generation to generation, how the whites insulted the big warlord himself, the president, how the whites insulted blacks in general. This insult will NEVER be left to pass and just fade away. This is the ultimate insult, the ultimate and clearest of messages to a Zulu.
It saddens me, that after having been in this country for centuries, that whites still do not understand the blacks, their culture or their traditions. If whites had ANY idea as to the nature and sensitivity of this they would certainly not have joked about it.
The whites are today exactly where Retief and his gang was, in their kraal. We, all of us whites, are today in their kraal. This is no longer our kraal that they are trying to break into. They broke into it in 1994 and took it over and we have been held captive since then. This now is their kraal, and this could just be that sign given to Retief. Retief was also offered snacks, treated nicely, friendly and made to feel welcome, just like we have been made to feel since 1994, but it remains their kraal now and you are at their mercy, they could either treat you nice for a while, or they could terminate your stay.
Think very clearly about this, because if you do not even understand their culture after 340 years, do you really want to go up against them? This is why I do not have much hope for the SA whites, simply because I read everyday how misinformed and uninformed whites are about the black culture and that is why whites cannot read the signs, see the messages, head the warnings, and make the right moves to manoeuvre as they should. I have to say that whites are dumber than I thought, they have no cooking clue where they are at, what they are dealing with, who they are dealing with, how these people think and reason, how their minds work, or anything else about blacks. Whites do not even realise that they have been in the black man's kraal since 1994 and that the trick is to either escape and bail out (leave the kraal / country) or turn it around. 
Do not, while you are inside his kraal, ask for things that are not acceptable in the black man's culture. 
If you do not understand his culture and if you with your western thinking do not want to respect his culture so as to use it to your own advantage and against him, then you do not belong in Africa.
People better start waking up and realise where they are, they had better start thinking like they do, in order to understand what they are doing and why they do things the way they do, or whites will perish due to their own stupidity and ignorance.
Please start thinking and realise where you are, understand the situation, so you could read the signs and manoeuvre strategically and effectively AND STOP JOKING ABOUT YOUR OWN DEATH.
If SA whites understood black culture, if they understood the simple concept that we are inside the black man's kraal, would they still have been dreaming of wanting a piece of this kraal, a piece inside the kraal where they could rule themselves autonomously. Would they even have dreamed of negotiating with the king they disrespect for a piece of area inside the kraal where they could rule themselves? It is only because the whites do not understand their situation, because they do not understand the culture of those they face that they dream such dreams. In order to beat an opponent you first need to understand the opponent, respect the opponent for his strengths and his weaknesses and only then could you consider any strategy.
"The Spear" was not a spear in the heart and ego of Zuma, "The Spear" is the final spear in the future of whites in South Africa.

So you give your kraal to a black tribe, then want to take a piece of his kraal for yourself and you expect him to just give it to you, while he knows how long he had been fighting to get it from you, while he knows that if he gave you one inch of the kraal you would get a foot in the door and retake the whole kraal from him again and you think he will just give you your own piece of the kraal? It can only be, because you do not understand any of it.
its situations like these that sometimes cause me to become despondent. When dealing with a group of people who never developed emotionally beyond the age of 12, one has to realise that their thinking and their perspective on life, what is right and what is wrong, what they value and treasure and what pleases and displeases them is very different to your own. You cannot give a spoiled brat the car he has been throwing tantrums about and then expect to take one of the car's wheels for yourself without him going ballistic.
If I remember correctly the book's name was "The Rule of Fear". In this book the whole episode was described in great detail. Dingaan, like all other kings had white cattle. His cattle were stolen and he said to Retief that if he could find the cattle and bring it back to him Retief could come live there. Retief did find the cattle and he did bring it back to Dingaan, but because he did not understand their ways, Retief when he brought them back approached Dingaan's kraal from the wrong side, which was taken as a declaration of war. One also needs to remember that in those days the Zulu's were not a nation, they were just a number of different tribes. There was even one particular tribe near Durban that were cannibals, but it was only the one tribe. Dingaan I think was also the one who declared that dogs may not be eaten, the reason being that dogs sit like children when they defecate.

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