Wednesday, 9 May 2012


There seems to be a total news blackout on the situation in Mpumalanga near Komatipoort.

SABC News reported last night that a citrus farm was invaded and the White Afrikaner Boer who rented it on a 5 year rental contract from the government, was chased off the land by the black invaders who stated that they will sleep in his house and the offices and other buildings.

It is believed that the Police was present, but did nothing to remove the illegal invaders from the property which is legally occupied by the White farmer.

This appears to be a true Zimbabwe style land invasion, where nothing was done to protect the legal occupants.

It is unknown what happened to the Boer farmer's personal belongings in the house, since after the initial news report, there seems to be a total news blackout in the attack.

Take note Europe, USA, and other liberal supporters of the murderous communist regime. That which was said will never happen here, is now reality.

This farm will cease to function as a productive agricultural unit, the same way the majority of other farms which were handed over to the new black owners ceased to function.



  1. The few remaining law abiding and rational citizens need to unite urgently to save what is left of South Africa, - or roll out the red carpet for those who are ready to take SA from the government of the day, to plunder it while controlling daily life for the those who remain (be they of European or African decent).

  2. Is this the start of the slide. Watch the foreign investors pull their money out of the country if this continues.
    The police stood by and did nothing. So much to law enforcement.

  3. well I'm not moving to the black continent any time soon and I won't be sending any money to the continent ,never.

  4. Filthy kaffirs.