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The Seven Plagues of England

The Visions of 'Siener' van Rensburg - one of the greatest and distinguished as one of the most accurate seers in history.

The vision of the seven ‘thunderclouds’ is one of the most alarming regarding a series of disasters which will hit England, and which has only partially been fulfilled. According to resources at my disposal, there are more than 20 direct references to these strange and fearful events. The Seer predicted that the seventh-and last-plague will finally spell the end for England when the Boers have regained power in South Africa.

Van Rensburg has never doubted that England’s ruin would be caused by crimes she committed against Afri­kaner women and children during the War of Freedom. He once said to a friend: “Every time some great world event happens, women and children are murdered, followed by retribution. Did Pharaoh also not order the mid-wives to kill all newborn male children? And the punishment that followed was that he and all his horsemen were drowned in the Red Sea…”

In this context he referred to 1 Samuel 15:2-3:: Thus saith the Lord of hosts, I remember that which Amekk did to Israel, how he had laid wait for him in the way, when he came up from Egypt. Now go and smite Amekk, and utterly destroy all that they have, and spare them not; but slay both man and woman, infant and suckling, ox and sheep, camel and ass…

Mr. Boy Mussmann wrote to Mrs. S.M. van Tender in 1949: ‘”Oom’ Klasie says he ‘sees’ a multicoloured pig standing in a well in England and it is so hungry that it is licking against the walls (Famine and scarcity of water). It will probably die from hunger and thirst when the struggle is at its worst here in South Africa. There is also a pot of fire in Russia (civil war) and then ‘Oom’ Klasie sees the grass catch alight in England-the start of civil war. (Possibly this could indicate another major flare-up in the long drawn-out conflict between England and Ireland).

England has not experienced any famine since the old Boer prophet saw that vision, and will only take place when ‘a very dark period’ breaks out over the Afrikaner. Distressing times also lie ahead for the English here in South Africa - some will flee ‘in confusion and desperation’, others (white Angora goats) will side with the Boers while others (goats) will take up arms with the Communists against the Boers.

Boy Mussmann (1947): “When Jan Smuts’ detectives wanted to arrest me at Vryburg because of the Seer’s visions, one of them asked me: What does the Seer predict - what is going to happen here?’ I replied: We will get a republic, but prior to that times will be dark for us.’ The detective said: ‘Yes, it will be financial trouble.’ However, I replied: ‘No, the Seer said he saw the peach tree changes into a cypress - the tree bearing fruit (golden pounds) becomes a luxury article tree. Gold pounds will disappear and will be replaced by notes, and when die coming war is over, you can paper the walls of your house with English banknotes as they will be worth less than wallpaper’.”

This vision still awaits fulfilment since the Seer announced it.

“‘Oom’ Klasie saw pigs (English statesmen) running across a dam wall to go and drink water. But when he looked again, he saw the dam was almost empty and the pigs wallowing in the mud.” (England will experience ex­treme financial problems).

Boy Mussmann (1960): “‘Oom’ Klasie saw a well in England. Someone is pouring yellow water from thee well on to the grass, but the water runs back into the well. The bottom of the well comes up and it is dry.” This is the start of England’s ruin because of betrayal (yellow water). The traitors come from within their own ranks (The  bottom of the well comes up and it is empty).

Ironically enough, it seems this treason will take place when South Africa is fighting her final struggle for survival. This is followed by England’s surrender to starving invaders from Africa who (as they did against white South Africa) were there to demand their rights.  The  Seer held several in-depth discussions about this extraordinary vision of ‘the seven plagues of England’ with a few intimate friends:

“I see a woman decorated with ribbons (a symbol of the English nation). Then I see the ribbons unwinding one by one until she is totally naked-and eventually I see her die. This means that in time England will lose all her possessions and colonies…”

(This part of the vision has already been fulfilled).

The First Plague

In time to come matters will go badly, said Van Rensburg. I see seven black clouds in the sky and raindrops begin to fall. A man in a grey suit (somebody divine) appeared and asked me whether I had seen the clouds, and I replied yes, I saw two clouds in the east, west and south, but only one in the north. Then the man said to me: ‘Those are seven disasters God is going to send over England which will destroy it…” Then Van Rensburg remembered the vision of the woman covered in ribbons.

The Second Plague

He tells that when he was imprisoned in the Fort in 1914, one night he saw how a Rebellion officer stood in a well with him (great trouble). However, there was a ladder in the well and he (the Seer) stood with one foot on the first rung. Simultaneously he saw the grass in England catch alight (civil war) and the flames are high, then disappear, and the country looks like a harrowed field after ploughing. Then a multicoloured pig stood in a well (England in dire straits) and it was licking the sides of the well. It seemed unable to get out. Some aloe stumps lay across the well (The British government was attempting to hide its problems from the rest of the world). The pig is very hungry, an indication of a great and terrible famine in England in the future.

When he saw this, he knew immediately that their group in the Fort would be rescued from the troubles of the Rebellion and its consequences-being the thousands of pounds demanded from the rebels by the Government. But there was no rescue or salvation (ladder) for the multi­-coloured pig, indicating England’s downfall, also economically:

“I saw pigs running across a dam wall. The dam becomes empty and a large bird sits on the paving stones beneath. A small bird comes flying along but is immediately swallowed up by the large bird.”

He interpreted this as follows: “The dam is America who intends lending money to England, consequently England will be financially ruined.”

The Third Plague

Famine and hunger will come over England and during that time great herds of black cattle (people from Africa and India) will enter the country from the east. One beast will stop and look back, indicating from which quarter the danger will come; all the coloured races from England’s colonies will go there, resulting in racial conflict - for Af­rica and the Orient will be suffering and desperate hordes of sick and hungry Indians and blacks will seek refuge in England and other parts of Europe.

The Fourth Plague

He sees this as a pot with fire underneath. Normal pots stand in England and France, indicating civil wars, but a huge cauldron, with a glowing fire, stands in Russia, indicating a large-scale civil war. Then Germany and America attack Russia as allies.

The Fifth Plague

The Seer relates how, during WWI, he saw how the Brit­ish fleet attacked Germany at Jutland. He saw Kitch­ener dying there and the British fleet looked like scale-dishes on the water. “This means they clashed, but were found to be too light…” But he saw the future British fleet as empty boxes, floating without direction. They are use­less and without direction, for: “What nation can fight if it is experiencing civil war and famine?”

The Sixth Plague

He told Boy Mussmann: “I see a man on a black horse riding into the water. I see him as clearly as I’m seeing you and the water is splashing over him. Horse and rider disappear under the water. “England’s military force will meet the same end as did Pharaoh’s horsemen who pursued the Israelites in the Red Sea.

The Seventh Plague

He told Boy Mussmann: “I see a multicoloured pig. Taking the pig by its legs, I overturned it. And that is our (the Boer nation’s) contribution to England’s downfall…”

(During the first decade of this century it was general knowledge in a certain part of the Transvaal that a church minister pronounced a curse over England just after the end of the War of Freedom (1899-1902). Allegedly his words were: “What you did to our women and children, the same will be done to yours.”).

The last plague to hit England will be as a result of strong action by the Boer nation.

The answer to the question: what is this ‘action?’ can be deduced from other visions and their interpretations. On 29th September 1919, Van Rensburg saw thousands of blacks and English fleeing South Africa to England to seek refuge after the struggle in which the Afrikaner regains his freedom.

But once the black hordes arrive in England, its economy will collapse and the country will finally be ruined.

Mr. Johannes Gagiano also pointed out to me the inter­esting fact that the Seer spoke about the ‘seven plagues’ which would mean England’s ruin; plagues which - ac­cording to Die Burgher of 13th July 1940 - “spells punish­ment for the enemy.

Van Rensburg saw that plagues would infest England and it seems as if they would all occur on the same day.” Revelation 15 also mentions the ‘Seven last plagues’ which would mean the end of modern Babylon and usher in this dispensation:

Compare this with :

Revelation 18:8: Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire; for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her…

Then he saw three women dressed in black (mourning). They were an English woman, a German and an Afrikaner. Then the Afrikaans woman said to the English woman: “I wept, now you are weeping.”

(‘According to his friend and disciple, Mr. Boy Mussmann, “Oom’ Nikolaas van Rensburg’s prophecies for his people and country end here…”)

Europe Becomes Black

Mr. HJ. Dreyer of Senekal sporadically corresponded with the Seer about his visions until his death in 1926. However, it was only during the 1940′s (and as Ossewa-Brandwag supporter) that Mr. Dreyer published these vi­sions and their interpretations in Die Volksblad.

Vision: “White-backed oxen (America), led by a small boy are hauling wagons in Europe. Then there were red oxen (Communists) with two white-backed oxen (Amer­ica) led by a little ‘Kaffir’ (Africa)…” Van Rensburg re­marked about the two boys to Mr. Dreyer: The little ‘Kaffir’ is a weaker, less intelligent leader as a boy and would al­ways be beaten in every aspect by the other boy.

Interpretation: In Europe the whites were always the rulers and they enjoyed strong support from the well-wishing Americans.

However, things will change drastically when Africa be­gins to overrun Europe and black Communists (as here in South Africa - compare next vision that follows) take over temporary power in Europe with America’s help.

In conjunction with this, Van Rensburg wrote to Mr. Dreyer: In South Africa there are also two boys - one white and one black. The latter has an old sack around his waist (the conditions of the blacks will be critical). The two begin to fight - trouble between white and black, and right from the start the white boy gets a deadly grip on the black one so that he loses his sack and is naked and the black boy flees in a northerly direction (from where he came).

On 29th September 1919 Van Rensburg had a similar vi­sion and he gave a precise indication where the ‘destination’ of the little ‘naked Kaffir’ would be.

According to what he saw, such a great depression would come in Europe so that England would lose everything in the process. Even America would be in no position to render any assistance to save the situation and when it with­draws from Europe, thousands of hungry and destitute ‘Kaffir’ from Africa stream there:

(A shop stands in Europe, but there are no people in it, and people with wagons loaded with rubbish flee northwards. Many white-backed oxen appear in Western Europe and when they disappear, lit­tle naked ‘Kaffir’ run North).


  1. And so England shall reap what they have sown,What they did to the boers,so shall it be done to them!

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  3. A God of Justice! He will not embrace evil and neither can His children

  4. It really is a pity what will happen to Europe though. They should never had let in all those refugees and asylums seekers. Europe's population is declining and soon they will be minorities in their own countries.