Thursday, 3 May 2012

South Africa Has Already Crashed

Sometimes vehicle accidents happen so fast that one cannot anticipate it, other times again one can see it coming and the driver then tries to avoid it by breaking, swerving, etc. If he is lucky he avoids the accident. It requires skill and experience to avoid most accidents. Some accidents are anticipated well in advance, but still cannot be avoided, like when the breaks fail, while the fuel pedal is stuck at the same time.

Only once the accident had happened do we realise what happened and what the dangers and consequences of the accident are. Only once the dust had settled do we realise how many people were in the car, that there is a baby in the back-seat, the fuel tank is leaking and the car may burst into flames. Only then can we assess the damage. Only then do we realise some are seriously injured and some are fine.

A bit later we realise the one that seemed fine is now coughing blood, which means internal bleeding and a possible life-threatening situation.

Afterwards we realise that besides the fact that the car was written off completely there are some positives, one could still use the left rear tyre and sell it for a few bucks. The price of iron had increased and we may get more for the vehicle at the scrap-metal dealer. Only later do we realise we had over-spent on the car, because the uninsured sound system is worth more than a third of the car's insured value. The alloy rims and expensive racing tyres, the custom paint job, etc. all money down the drain.

We are now also stuck with consequences of the crash, the lamp-post needs to be replaced at our cost, the ambulances and fire department will be sending us bills for their costs. The road is damaged and needs to be repaired. We are stuck without a car, a few broken bones, perhaps one or two dead and huge bills. To crown it all the driver is without a job without the means to pay for all the damages.

We also came to realise that while we thought we were good drivers we were not all that good and one should not speed with a poorly maintained vehicle. The outside appearance and available power is worthless, even dangerous, if the driver cannot handle the car and is not experienced in high-speed driving. This is the case with South Africa.

South Africa is not busy crashing, it has already crashed. We saw it coming and we realised it was unavoidable, because the fuel pedal was stuck and the breaks had failed, because of zero maintenance. At the same time the country was being driven by inexperienced show-offs, a classic recipe for disaster.

Few people saw it coming, because they were so impressed by the external appearance, the flashy life-styles and all the fancy additions to the vehicle that they never bothered to look a bit deeper.

This country had crashed. The water supply, never maintained, cannot meet the country's needs. The same with the electricity supply, the lack of infrastructure maintenance, the over-spending, the over-capitalisation, the incompetence, the lack of patriotism. The health services have cllapsed completed and there is nothing left of our world class roads.

The ANC was completely unskilled and inexperienced in any form of management, let alone government. Yet everyone cheered them, because they seemed so nice, so likeable. Their bragging, "sophisticated" appearance and their pretentious quasi-intelligence bluffed the ignorant masses into believing they are capable and in control.

In the meantime we are now experiencing the aftermath and consequences of the crash. Everything is collapsing all around us, while here-and-there we are being fooled by some positive move, which is nothing but the result of some external effect.

To build one new hospital, while 98% of hospitals have collapsed may seem positive, but it is not. To train a thousand nurses while less than 30% of existing nurses are unqualified is not positive. While building a highway through Gauteng may seem positive, but with the rest of the country’s roads having collapsed due to zero maintenance, it is not positive. Even the newly built highways are a pathetic disgrace, because they are breaking up and are already in serious need of repair,  which is not positive, unless you’re a stupid brainless fool.

A nation could only feel positive about the future of the country if everything that exists is being well maintained, while at the same time further development is taking place.

Stamping out corruption in two or three instances and blowing it out of proportion as a means to pretend you're doing something about corruption, while billions are being stolen unchecked every week, is not positive.

The public is being kept stupid by the media promoting the tiny number of so-called positives, which in most instances is not as a result of the Regime's efforts.

South Africa has crashed and we are only now seeing, feeling, living and experiencing the effects thereof. SA was on the road to collapse in 1989 already when FW de Klerk started his capitulation and finally crashed in the 1990's under Nelson Mandela who was not a leader, he was not a President, he was not a manager, he was nothing other than a mere media-made icon, a mantle-piece, all for the show and were polished on the outside only.

Not a single leader of this country since 1994 was a patriot, they all lived in luxury abroad for decades and came back to this country still thinking it was as it was when they had left in the early 1960's. They did not come back to build and grow SA, they came here to collect, like any and every other revolutionary movement in the history of the world.

The ANC had zero knowledge or experience of government and they stepped in, got rid of everyone that could see what they were doing. The ANC did not get rid of the whites, only because they were so arrogant as to think they could actually run a first world country by themselves. The ANC got rid of the whites, because they realised the experienced whites would see what they were up to and they did not want that obstacle to their theft, fraud and corruption. They needed to get rid of everyone that would or could notice what they were doing on the inside.

Further to this their genocide strategy could also not be hidden if there were so many whites around.

They came here with a plan and the plan was to get rid of whites, chase them from the country, kill them all off and steal the country bankrupt, which was their only plan. In the meantime they put up a show that impressed the likes of the ignorant liberals.

We see in the media talk of plans for growth and development, even from the side of the quasi-right, building this and growing that all the hope of reversing the clock to the day before the crash. Unfortunately that cannot be done.

Once the car had crashed the thieves move in to steal the watches, the cell-phones, the laptop computers in the boot and everything seemingly worthwhile inside the car. They steal the mirrors and the one or two rims still intact. They steal everything they could lay their filthy hands on, but then brag because they are giving the crashed car a new paint job, while everyone knows it is beyond repair and on its way to the scrap-metal dealer.

Only the dumbed-down brainless ignorants could see this as positive.

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  1. I could have told you all this in 1994 when I left SA. I don’t know what the white people are still doing in that country.