Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Murder Suspect Brags on Facebook

On 21 April Mr Gerhard Fourie was shot in the head by a black man in front of his place of work. He died on May the 2nd.

While he was fighting for his life, and lost the fight, this black accused of the murder was boasting on his Facebook profile "I work for myself, and I love it."

Yes, he loves "working" for himself - The question is what kind of work does he do and who pays him for that work.

He has been arrested and will appear in Court soon.

At the time of the attack, HE WAS OUT ON BAIL, having appeared in Port Elizabeth on charges of armed robbery. He is suspected of being involved in at least 18 armed robberies in the Eastern Cape.

And now, some lawyer will most likely ask for him to be released on bail again . . . and he will probably be released again.

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