Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Wife and daughters listen as father is murdered by blacks

Hardly 2 weeks after the arrest of 4 members of the notorious "Machete gang" - which has been terrorizing residents of Bloemfontein - a father of two young children has been murdered by 4 black terrorists armed with machetes.

Frans Day (38), a motor mechanic who recently moved from Boksburg to Bloemfontein, was murdered in his house in the Navalsig suburb.
Three of the black murderers were armed with machetes and the fourth with a pistol.

The Day Family is at least the seventh family in Bloemfontein who has been attacked by machete wielding terrorists in the last couple of months.

His wife Tanja (36) and their daughters Kaytlinn (5) and Nicole (10) were tied up and gagged and locked in a wardrobe in the room where Mr Day was murdered.

Mrs Day who now fears for her own life and that of her children, said they had to sit in the cupboard and listen how her husband was murdered. He was hacked several times.

The one terrorist said ‘All we need is money and sex’. He later said "Let's rape the woman and children and then kill them".

At that point her husband jumped up toe protect them, and that was when he was attacked.

"I don't know why they had to kill him. He was a peace living man"

All the time while he was being attacked, he was calling out "Are you ok? Are you ok?"

Mrs Day and the children were later released from the wardrobe by neighbours.

Her husband was laying a a puddle of blood - hacked to death.

Her youngest daughter Kaytlin (5) was the first one to see him and, since then she hasn't spoken a word, neor does she respond to anybody speaking to her. She also doesn't eat.

Mrs Day later saw a picture of one of the terrorists on the wall in the Navalsig Police station.

She now fears for their lives since the terrorists have said that they will come back.

She has been receiving phone calls during which the callers make all kinds of sounds and saying "blood blood" and "come back"

Mrs Day wants to return to Gauteng, but says that they can't afford the bus tickets and do not even have money for food or electricity.

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