Tuesday, 8 May 2012

South Africa is Imploding

Violence and Revolution threatens to South Africa's democracy
CNN'sRobyn Curnow reports on fear of violence that opposition parties fear threaten South Africa's democracy.
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Nuclear is so Third World
South Africa's ANC Regime may be dangerously close to repeating the e-toll fiasco with nuclear energy.
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South Africa's Auditor-General paints a bleak picture

Auditor-General Terence Nombembe has criticised the government for the weakening of the pillars of governance, Business Day reported yesterday.
Nombembe also expressed concern about the vulnerability of his office in the wake of what he said was a growing lack of support from the government to his warning about this deterioration.
He said management supply chains, service delivery, security of government information and accuracy of government reports were deteriorating.
"Things are serious, and they are even more serious than we thought they were," he said at the opening of business consultancy Deloitte's new building.
"They are more serious because the people employed by the government to do work are the least prepared and equipped to do it. The situation is dire.
". What we are saying is not taken seriously, not by the government, not by ourselves and those who need to do something about it."
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Auditor-General's concerns must not be rubbished like Khoza's were
The Times Editorial: Auditor-General Terence Nombembe has sounded a warning that the government would do well to heed - that the financial management of the state's affairs is going badly awry.
Opening a building in Pretoria last week, Nombembe raised his concerns that the government has steadfastly refused to implement the corrective measures his office recommended to put the country's financial affairs in order.
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South Africa's Jobless youth time bomb
A young person is three times more likely to be unemployed than an adult globally and if the disparity is not dealt with urgently economic protest will worsen.
Unemployment remains high at 23.9% in South Africa, and 70% of the jobless are between the ages of 15 and 34.
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Bonds weaken as investors dump risk assets
South African government bonds weakened on Monday as political uncertainty over Europe's austerity measures weighed on appetite for riskier assets around the globe.
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Healthcare dilemma in South Africa
Rural area health care is getting worse, not better, with each and every passing day.
Currently our infant mortality rate is 6 times higher than in the OECD countries. About 5.5 million South Africans have HIV/AIDS or 10.6% of South Africa's total population with 17% of the adult population that lives with this dreadful illness. Most of them live in rural South Africa. Death rates from these are extremely high.
a lack of much needed medicines and essential medical equipment, incompetent management and a chronic shortage of qualified doctors and nurses which makes the country's situation much worse.
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Injured SA soldiers transported in wheelbarrows
The Hoedspruit military health centre in Limpopo is currently servicing 11,000 people without an ambulance or adequate supplies of medicine or equipment according to a newspaper report.
Several recruits injured during training have had to be pushed to the centre in a wheelbarrow.
Due to a total lack of blood pressure measuring devices or ECG machines, no emergency cases are currently being treated at the centre, the daily reported.
Some of the most crucial medicines and equipment ordered in 2009 had still not been delivered.
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Cadre deployment just like a tornado raging through Buffalo City Municipality

The minute you elevate political loyalty  to a formal policy, as cadre deployment  does, and seek then to extend it not just to  political appointments but the public service too, you have not only violated the  principles that define best democratic  practice, but created the potential for the  perfect political storm.
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Warning on small town tap water
Water affairs has red-flagged 14 municipalities in seven provinces, warning residents of numerous small rural towns in these areas not to drink untreated tap water.
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Financial Paedophiles
Has our constitution made provision for financial rape?
Electricity tariffs have sky rocketed, the mammoth petrol price keeps escalating and now the price of parking is also defying gravity.
But who is to blame for the surge in financial rape? Let me not beat around the bush; all fingers point to the ANC.
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New KT offer on Telkom 'fair': Analysts
South Korean telecoms giant, KT Corporation's advisors are aware of the "depressing" financial state of Telkom and the new offer made for a 20% stake in the fixed-line operator is fair, analysts said on Tuesday.
"The market share of Telkom has been declining and it's now a buyers' market. I think the price is fair and Telkom needs to do something about its state of affairs. I think the advisors of KT are aware of this,"
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SA named world rape capital of the world

With alarming rape statistics, Interpol has named South Africa as the world's rape capital. Women are more likely raped than educated. Watch this SABC report to find out more.
In South Africa a woman, toddler or baby is raped every 17 seconds
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Rape Statistics - South Africa & Worldwide 2011
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South Africa, world's rape capital: Interpol
Interpol says South Africa is the world's rape capital and less than 1% of rape cases are reported to police. According to a reliable website that compiles rape statistics this has had a detrimental effect on successfully pursuing rape cases in the country.
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Need we continue any further?

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